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Social Events

16 April, 19:30 - Public Event "DM dall'Universo" (for an italian-speaking audience)

17 April, 19:30 - Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

The gala dinner will take place in the prestigious 'Palazzo Gnudi', a captivating historical residence renowned for its expansive and voluminous spaces, including grand halls and cloisters. One of the distinctive features of the palazzo is its magnificent frescoes dating back to the first half of the 16th century, providing a glimpse into the artistic and historical richness of that era.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the historic halls, each with its unique character, as well as the opulent eighteenth-century "Hall of Mirrors." The presence of statues and exquisite decorations further adds to the allure of Palazzo Gnudi, solidifying its status as one of the most enchanting historical residences in the area.

Address: Via Riva di Reno, 77, Bologna

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