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Instructions for poster submission


If you have been selected for a poster, we will kindly ask you to submit it along with the corresponding slide for the Poster Spark Session by filling out the form below.

Poster submission deadline: April 8

During the Poster Spark Session, you will have the opportunity to present a one-minute overview of your poster on the theatre stage.

Additionally, posters will be available online and displayed digitally on large touch screens strategically placed throughout the theatre, ensuring visibility and accessibility to all attendees throughout the conference.

See all poster contributions here.

You don't have to print your poster!

Format of the poster: .JPG, 1080 x 1920, vertical
File name: id_surname_title.jpg

(Find your ID number on this page)

Format of the slide: .PDF, 16:9 (one single slide!)

File name: id_surname_title.pdf

(Find your ID number on this page)

Poster submission

Upload Poster (JPG)
Upload Slide (PDF)
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