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Organising Committees

Learn more about the CTAO on its official website:

Questions about the CTAO Science Symposium? Send an email to 


Scientific Organising Committee (SOC) members, in alphabetical order:

Felix Aharonian - IAS, Ireland
Marica Branchesi - GSSI, Italy
Massimo Cappi - INAF, Italy 
Catherine Cesarsky - CEA, France
Federico Ferrini – CTAO, Italy (Co-Chair)
Francis Halzen - University of Wisconsin, USA
Jim Hinton – MPIK, Germany
Werner Hofmann – MPIK, Germany (Co-Chair)

Takaaki Kajita - ICRR, Japan
Bruno Leibundgut – ESO, Germany
Elina Lindfors – University of Turku, Finland
Francesco Longo – University of Trieste, Italy
Sera Markoff – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Reshmi Mukherjee – Columbia University, USA

Nanda Rea - CSIC, Spain
Roberta Zanin – CTAO, Italy (Chair)

Local Organising Committee (LOC) members, in alphabetical order:

Tiziana Abegg - CTAO (Chair)
Carla Aramo - INFN
Michelangelo Bottura - CTAO
Vito Conforti - INAF
Alba Fernández-Barral - CTAO (Chair)


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