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Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Note: Young Researchers are defined as researchers who have completed their PhD thesis within the last 8 years.


The CTAO Science Symposium will provide significant time for contributed talks, with reserved time for early-career researchers, as well as posters.


Contributed talks must address topics relevant to the CTAO, either for its preparation (including results from current very high-energy instruments) or for its future scientific exploitation. Contributions in the area of multi-messenger and multi-wavelength astronomy, as well as analysis methods, are particularly welcome.


Purely technical contributions, such as those focused on telescope development or calibration devices, should preferentially be presented as postersPosters will be available online and authors will have the opportunity to present them briefly to the audience in dedicated Poster Spark sessions.

Submission of abstracts is now open until January 31, 2024 (see Important Dates). Remember to register through the Registration page to participate.

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