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Social Events

6 May - Public Event

7 May - Gala Dinner

9 May - Bologna tours

The Gala Dinner will take place in the magnificent 'Salone del Podestà' of Palazzo Re Enzo. The palace was built between 1244-1246 and it has served as prison for Enzo of Sardinia - Frederick II's son - for 23 years.

Prof. Patrizio Bianchi (Assessor to Coordination of European Policy for Development, School, Training, University, Research and Work) will give a welcome speech before dinner.

The Bologna tour will show you in two, story-packed hours the porticos, monuments and towers of what UNESCO has defined the best preserved medieval centre in the world.

Date: May 9, 16:30

The tour is organised by Bologna Welcome. You need to register here by May 7.

Fee: € 15 per person.

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