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The Provider of this Internet site is, in the legal sense, the Cherenkov Telescope Array Obervatory gGmbH (CTAO gGmbH).


Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory gGmbH

Saupfercheckweg 1

69117 Heidelberg, Germany


General Information
Phone: +49-6221-516471



Liability Disclaimer
No liability will be undertaken for completeness, editorial or technical mistakes, omissions as well as for correctness of the contents. If a mistake or omission is encountered, notify us immediately so it may be addressed.


Especially, no guarantee will be given for completeness and correctness of information obtained through external links. Throughout the site there are links to other Webpages, which have links to pages over which we do not have any influence with regard to design and contents. We hereby disassociate ourselves explicitly from all contents available through links to external Internet pages, which violate law in force and do not adopt them as our own. In case links on our Webpages refer to such contents, we ask to be notified in order to be able to remove them immediately.


Data Protection Provisions
Handling personal information:

CTAO gGmbH takes the protection of personal information seriously. CTAO gGmbH undertakes to protect the private sphere of all persons using its website and to treat any personal information provided in strictest confidence. The information is solely used for the respective purposes given and will not be passed on to third parties. It will be deleted as soon as it has served the given purpose.



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The use of data

Your web browser or client software may transfer information without your knowledge via your computer (for example IP address) to our server. Such information is never brought in direct connection with you, but is evaluated anonymously for statistical purposes, for system management or to improve the efficiency of our Internet platform.

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